Project Activities 2019

Bulgarian students practised various games - board games, interactive  games and digital game.  Examples from English language classes: Primary School Level Five Senses Game f or 7th grade students  “Make Your Own Avatar” - a game for 5th grade students Science Lesson Game

Live session between Greece and Cyprus

Last Tuesday on November 28th, we organized a skype session with our partner school in Cyprus. 13 students of the 5th and 6th grade from the Primary School  of Apesia and 15 students from the primary school of Chalandri, joined together via Skype, introduced to each other, discusssed and sang Xmas xarolls and traditioanl songs. They also had the chance to talk about their favourite computer games and exchanged the nichnames that they usually use. It was a very nice experience that we are looking forward to repeating. Maria

Music Lesson Game

Играта "Енигма" е подготвена от учениците от 6. клас  в СУ "Христо Ботев" - Кубрат.  В думите са маскирани имената на различни музикални инструменти. Можете ли да ги откриете? Students from Bulgaria hid the musical instruments' names in the letter lines on the padlet.  Find the correct names!


GAME QUETIONS 1.     In which season we have earlier sun rises and the latest sun sets: A. Spring B. Summer C. Autumn 2. What energy source is not environmental friendly? А.      Wind B.       Water C.       Coal 3. The inhaled air passes through the breathing tube and reaches: A. Stomach B. Heart C. Lungs 4. Which of these gases is the main cause of the greenhouse effect? A. Carbon dioxide B. Nitrogen oxides C.   Sulphur dioxide D. Carbon monoxide 5.   BOOM ! Go three steps back! 💥 6. Surprise! Go two steps forward!👍 7.   Which of the following is a mixture: A. seawater B. Nitrogen C. Sugar    D. Distilled water 8. Which aquatic animal breathes with the lung? A. Black Sea mussel B. Dolphin C.   Carp D. Water flea

Erasmus+ Days at Kubrat

St udents played educational games on 12th Oct  to celebrate Erasmus+ Days at school

2nd Game Day for the school in Poland

After returning from the second mobility from Kubrat in April, Polish teachers team  developed games presented in Kubrat. Some of them were translated into Polish. However, the most popular activities among students  were in recent months the outdoors games. After the winter months in which board games had their spotlight, students in Poland moved with great joy to the school playground in May. The culmination of our project activities was organizing of The second Games Day on 01.06.2018. On this day our school  became the playground in a real way.